Do’s and Don’ts of Essay Writing

An essay—an academic essay, more specifically—is perhaps the most common written assignment you have completed throughout your academic career. Professors evaluate you according to the quality of the essays you have written per subject. It is also the biggest criterion that comprises your overall mark.

It is written differently from other forms of work since it requires an academic tone and a referencing list the professors and readers can look up to. That is why, even as a student, you must have a good working knowledge of how you must write your essays so they will easily capture the approval of your professors.

Here are some tips you can use when completing your essay writing assignment:

In essay writing, do:

- Put your own personal stand on the topic
- Expound on the main idea or answer of the essay question
- Leave your reader with a clear insight or information with your essay
- Bring your ideas to a full circle—complete with a conclusion with impact
- Demonstrate your open-mindedness to differing opinions
- End on a positive note that leaves your readers satisfied
- Employ an original angle only you can use
- Pass off your draft to others for additional feedback
- Manage your time to break down the tasks given to you
- Maintain a clear understanding of the essay instruction
- Make sure the final is neatly typed and fits the allotted space required
- Omit unnecessary words and phrases

In essay writing, don’t:

- Plagiarise—provide proper references and citations
- Use clichés and commonly used conversational expressions
- Practice redundancy
- Introduce new ideas unless they are properly supported with details
- Apologise for your personal stand—support and prove it instead
- Forget to offer solutions or possible courses of action, if needed
- Pass off your first essay draft—rewrite and revise it thoroughly until you are satisfied
- Cram your essay—it is not done in one setting
- Use big, unfamiliar words—your aim is to make your readers understand completely what you are trying to convey
- Pass off anything that is smeared, blurred, or messy—that is a clear mark of an unprepared assignment.

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