The UK Essay Writing Scene 1: UK Educational System

It is important for students to understand the curriculum of the university they have chosen to apply for admission. Since the courses taken are purely based on the students’ choice, it is also imperative that their chosen university will have a curriculum and a set of principles that can further help them in their learning process. However, most students choose a university because of its reputation and the proven opportunities it can offer to its prospect students. And since most of these students study for a certain need—either for a higher academic level or a higher income—they usually disregard what the school’s grading system and curriculum is and just choose what they believe can help them get closer to their need.

That is why majority of the international students studying in the UK find it hard to cope with a curriculum that they are not quite used to. They especially struggle in their essay writing tasks that they resort to ask for help from UK essay writing services to help them in their coursework. Their tasks, however, can still come as an ease for them if they are properly oriented with the distinct features the UK educational system has. If these students will know, first-hand, what the UK educational system emphasises and what it values more, they can easily set the direction of their essay writing assignments to those values and goals.

Unlike the US educational system, where it advocates for a well-rounded, broader focus of education, the UK educational system is more focused on specialisation. The UK educational system does not support enforced learning of information from other subjects so students only choose subjects that can help them prepare for their undergraduate level. If the students plan to proceed to an undergraduate level, they have to take up GCSE and A-Level courses. Students have to make sure that the subjects they have chosen to specialise in these courses will qualify them for a higher degree since universities have also strict admission requirements.

Since the UK educational system is more focused and specialised, their coursework assignments also demand deeper understanding of the topic at hand. Essay writing assignments are research-oriented and fact-based. Referencing is also a must. These elements of an academic essay can easily frustrate international students who are more used to writing literary and opinion-oriented essays.

With UK essay writing services, however, frustrations like these are easily mended. UK essay writing services do not only help students write an essay guide that can give them a higher mark; they also give professional assistance to students who have a harder time coping with the UK educational divide by providing essay marking and critiquing services. This helps point out the weaknesses that the students have on their essays so they can improve them.


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