Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

When writing essays for specific fields, especially the applied sciences, your professor might require you to write essays that suggest solutions to certain issues and concerns. This kind of essay involves identifying the problem in an objective and critical basis by identifying its causes and effects. Only through this process will you be able to give solutions to problems. This kind of process also calls out for a cause and effect essay.

A cause and effect essay, generally, is another essay that falls under . In writing a cause and effect essay, which is simply known as causality, you further explain a certain situation by stating why it happened and what the outcomes are. Causality usually involves a relationship between two events, where the second event is the consequence of the first event that preceded it. Though the dynamic of cause and effect is mostly related to events, this kind of process can also be used in organisational concepts, system processes, variable, facts and states of affairs.

There are different methods you can use in drawing out the causes and effects of certain events. For topics related to product design or quality defect prevention, regardless of the subject matter, you can make use of the Ishikawa diagram which outlines the potential factors that cause an overall outcome. To draw out causes from certain events, you can use the process of Root Cause Analysis (RCA), which aims to find the real cause of any problem recurring in the event itself rather than dealing with the symptoms and other minor effects that it wrought.

There can be more than one cause and more than one effect in a certain issue. These causes and effects, however, must be able to justify the solution that you propose in your essay.


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