Important Tips in Writing Politics Essays

are among the most interesting topics to write because of its all-encompassing characteristic. Politics can be found in every facet of human life – in the family, at work, and everywhere else where there is the tiniest hint of human struggle. In addition, politics has been around since thousands of years. For the student, finding an interesting topic for a politics essay should be fairly easy. Following the basic structure of writing politics essays will make your academic task easier, including a more positive outcome for your politics essay.
For what purpose will you be writing?
First, determine the purpose of your politics essay. Generally, politics essays are given to you as an exercise to measure your comprehension on political theories and concepts. Thus, rewriting and paraphrasing simply will not work. Your assignment is designed for you to interpret the greatest political theories of all time, and not just discuss them. Thus, be prepared to analyse the given problem and be able to support them with appropriate theories and valid empirical data to give backbone to your paper.
Make your arguments compelling
Your politics essays should have the appropriate treatment of the basic facts you are trying to interpret and give opinion on. Your arguments must be your own interpretation of what the politics essay question wants to find out. To do this, choose the most suitable political theory and political figure in history with a sound reputation for giving political discourses. This enables you to concretise your arguments by supporting them with both theories and facts.
Sustain your thesis throughout your paper
Begin the politics essay with a thesis that addresses a conceptual argument. From then on, be well organised and consistent in taking a stance and then mobilise references to make a convincing thesis.
Overall, the interpretation of political theories (recommended reading is “Rationalism in Politics and other Essays” by Michael Oakeshott), your own arguments, and supporting facts constitute good politics essays.

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