The Relevance of Referencing in an Essay

In research, there are two processes that students must absolutely consider:
• Looking for useful information to be included in the essay
• Recording the source of the information included in the essay

The second process is what most students identify as , which is a very significant factor in the assessment of their essays. It has served a lot of purposes. Firstly, it ultimately prevents students from committing plagiarism by giving proper credit to the sources.

It makes the more credible to the eyes of its readers. An essay with thorough referencing also reflects thorough researching. This means that the professors can see that the essay has been thoroughly researched first—with different forms of sources as support—before it is completed and submitted. With referencing, other readers can also easily trace the location of the following sources the writers have used in their essays. This will be very helpful for other students who want to conduct their own studies to explore other angles not yet covered through the essay.

There are several standard referencing formats that students can employ when referencing. With this in mind, there are students who are left to their own devices in choosing the referencing formats that they believe will work best for the type of essay that they have. There are other cases, however, where the professors decide what referencing format students must use for a specific essay.

Some of the most widely used referencing formats are the following:
• APA (American Psychological Association) format
• Vancouver style
• Chicago style
• Harvard referencing format
• Oxford referencing format
• MLA (Modern Language Association of America) referencing style
• BMJ (British Medical Journal) style.

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