Writing an Essay through Comparison and Contrast

The essays that you write can come from different tones and techniques, depending on what is required by your professors. It is always stressed that you must first determine what essay is sought to be written, through the instruction words given by your professor. From time to time, you may encounter through comparisons and contrasts.

In writing comparisons and contrasts through your essay, it is essential that you remember the following points:

• Present the similarities between two bodies of thought
• Point out the differences between these concepts

Writing a comparison and contrast essay can be complex, and this is one of the reasons why your professors may assign you with this . You have to be able to provide valuable reasons as to why the similarities and differences you have presented are valid. You must be able to properly break down concepts into its basic elements to see what makes them similar or different. By aptly providing significant proof to your own analyses, you have proven that you are capable of mastering this skill, which is a vital factor in determining your progress as a student.

There are a few things you have to go through, though, before you can say that your comparison and contrast essay is good enough to be passed. Make sure that your ideas are presented clearly. Make sure that your readers have also seen the similarities and differences you have presented through your writing. If your essay contains confusing thoughts, your readers will eventually lose interest. Nobody wants to read anything they still have to analyse. Also make sure that the comparisons and contrasts you have presented are logical. All analogies must be valid and not superficial—it will only result as a false analogy. If you commit errors in logic, your reader might not take your essay seriously. Also avoid the use of overgeneralisations and faulty assumptions. Do not make broad assumptions unless you have sufficient data to support them.

The construction of your essay sentences will also matter when writing comparisons and contrasts. The more parallel your sentences, the clearer the similarities and contrasts between the concepts. You can start with writing all differences or similarities, or write each similarity or difference alternately, depending on the impact you wish to create.

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