An Introduction to the UK Education System

Students will find it useful to understand the curriculum of their chosen university before they apply for admission. They have to make sure that the university has a curriculum and a set of principles that will help them learn better and accomplish their goals more efficiently. The usual mistake is that students choose a university based on its reputation. This is understandable since students would want a university that already offers a proven set of opportunities and advantages they can get once they are admitted in the university. There are those that choose universities out of their need for a higher academic level or a higher career opportunity—and they base their choices on those universities that can help achieve these needs.

For international students, specifically, they have to be familiar with the UK educational system if they plan to pursue their dreams for a higher degree in the UK. The UK educational system has its own set of principles which is different from the American education system. The sooner the students know about this, the easier they can adjust to the system and complete their future —such as their essay writing tasks.

The American education system promotes a well-rounded and broader focus of education. This is the reason most American universities impose electives that are not included in the students’ original prospectus. This will allow the students to learn more about subjects they are not originally focused on. The UK educational system, on the other hand, is more focused on specialisation, since it does not support enforced learning to students who may not want to study these specific subjects. In their GCSEs and A-Level courses, particularly, students have the freedom to choose the subjects they want to study in order to qualify them in their chosen courses for university study.

This will help students understand how their essay writing assignments are more focused, which demands a deeper understanding of the subject area being studied. Their essays, then, must be research-oriented, professional and fact-based.

There are UK essay writing companies that can help students adjust to the new requirements demanded of the UK educational system. With custom essays, students can easily find a guide they can use to help them with their own essay writing task.

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Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

When writing essays for specific fields, especially the applied sciences, your professor might require you to write essays that suggest solutions to certain issues and concerns. This kind of essay involves identifying the problem in an objective and critical basis by identifying its causes and effects. Only through this process will you be able to give solutions to problems. This kind of process also calls out for a cause and effect essay.

A cause and effect essay, generally, is another essay that falls under . In writing a cause and effect essay, which is simply known as causality, you further explain a certain situation by stating why it happened and what the outcomes are. Causality usually involves a relationship between two events, where the second event is the consequence of the first event that preceded it. Though the dynamic of cause and effect is mostly related to events, this kind of process can also be used in organisational concepts, system processes, variable, facts and states of affairs.

There are different methods you can use in drawing out the causes and effects of certain events. For topics related to product design or quality defect prevention, regardless of the subject matter, you can make use of the Ishikawa diagram which outlines the potential factors that cause an overall outcome. To draw out causes from certain events, you can use the process of Root Cause Analysis (RCA), which aims to find the real cause of any problem recurring in the event itself rather than dealing with the symptoms and other minor effects that it wrought.

There can be more than one cause and more than one effect in a certain issue. These causes and effects, however, must be able to justify the solution that you propose in your essay.

Why Write An Essay Outline?

The first thing that students must do when is to do background reading. This will help the students get a clearer overview of the subject assigned. An up-to-date journal or book can be a good starting point for any student to do research. With background reading, students can start putting their ideas together—those that they have originally thought and those they have accumulated through research—in an organised manner. This involves creating a general premise for the essay to be written.

As students start thinking about what premise they are going to present for their essays, they will also start considering what effective approach to use. With these factors already involved in their task, students must already start writing essay outlines to make sure that all the aspects are appropriately covered in the entire essay.

In the essay outline, the following elements can be found:

• Topic of the essay
• Topic sentences
• Supporting points
• Research ideas
• Introductory lines
• Concluding lines

An essay outline can be written with lines or sentences, depending what students mostly prefer. With essay outlines, students can easily insert new ideas that they want to include in their essay. It also easily guides students through their research—they have a guide on the points or ideas that need more research for supporting data. Students can also omit or insert new ideas they have done through their research. It also assures the students that all the ideas they have thought out are carefully presented in the essay. can also be written as a guide to students when referencing—they can write indicators on their outlines to remind them that the data included has a source.

The has two types, depending on how the students use it. A preliminary outline is written prior to their research studies. This includes the points that students want to put into their essay, including the points that need further research. The final outline is written prior to the writing of the essay draft and after the students have done their research. The final outline contains all the points inserted and omitted after accumulating additional information.

Do’s and Don’ts of Essay Writing

An essay—an academic essay, more specifically—is perhaps the most common written assignment you have completed throughout your academic career. Professors evaluate you according to the quality of the essays you have written per subject. It is also the biggest criterion that comprises your overall mark.

It is written differently from other forms of work since it requires an academic tone and a referencing list the professors and readers can look up to. That is why, even as a student, you must have a good working knowledge of how you must write your essays so they will easily capture the approval of your professors.

Here are some tips you can use when completing your essay writing assignment:

In essay writing, do:

- Put your own personal stand on the topic
- Expound on the main idea or answer of the essay question
- Leave your reader with a clear insight or information with your essay
- Bring your ideas to a full circle—complete with a conclusion with impact
- Demonstrate your open-mindedness to differing opinions
- End on a positive note that leaves your readers satisfied
- Employ an original angle only you can use
- Pass off your draft to others for additional feedback
- Manage your time to break down the tasks given to you
- Maintain a clear understanding of the essay instruction
- Make sure the final is neatly typed and fits the allotted space required
- Omit unnecessary words and phrases

In essay writing, don’t:

- Plagiarise—provide proper references and citations
- Use clichés and commonly used conversational expressions
- Practice redundancy
- Introduce new ideas unless they are properly supported with details
- Apologise for your personal stand—support and prove it instead
- Forget to offer solutions or possible courses of action, if needed
- Pass off your first essay draft—rewrite and revise it thoroughly until you are satisfied
- Cram your essay—it is not done in one setting
- Use big, unfamiliar words—your aim is to make your readers understand completely what you are trying to convey
- Pass off anything that is smeared, blurred, or messy—that is a clear mark of an unprepared assignment.

The UK Essay Writing Scene 4: Advantage of UK-Based Companies

The essay writing service provided for other people has evolved from asking help from your classmates in critiquing aspects of your written work to ordering as professional references you can utilise in your own research. Students who have little or no time in completing their own essay look for online providers to help them in their research and writing work. As universities further tighten their criteria for passing marks, coursework assignments become more hectic and time consuming, aiding in the expansion of UK essay writing companies.

Recently, the UK essay writing industry has doubled in number for the past years. However, the risk lies in the choices of the students when it comes to looking for an academic partner they can completely trust with their assignments. There are sites that offer affordable rates for their services but the question still remains:

Is this company truly UK-based as it guarantees?

Not all students fully understand the importance of having a UK-based company for their essay orders. More than a working knowledge of the English language is required for a hired writer to complete essays commissioned by the students. It has to be in British English, it has to properly fit in the required standards of the UK educational system and it has to use words and expressions that have more powerful meanings in the UK. All these aspects can only be acquired by a company of writers who have truly experienced the culture of the UK educational system that it has also become their own way of life.

Only a UK essay writing company can truly understand and master the rules of grammar and usage of words that the UK English language requires. When looking for sources as references, a UK essay company can have easy access to these materials since they are located within the vicinity you are studying. A UK essay company also knows where to look for other sources when the other materials have run out. With background knowledge on the libraries and databases used for research, the writers of a UK-based company can attest that all their references are valid.

The UK Essay Writing Scene 3: UK Words and Expressions

There are many theories as to how language has been created by different civilisations. These theories date back to Plato, who claimed that all things, including names that produce a language, are first created as ideas. Therefore, language is inherently created than learned. Behaviorists, on the other hand, stress that language is rather learned than naturally acquired, and that it is learned through a process called conditioning.

Whatever these theories may be, language is still commonly defined as an established systematic relationship amongst words, actions, objects, signs and people, among others. It must be commonly used amongst a large group of inhabitants, with agreed-upon rules of grammar and words to mean for a certain set of things. Whatever a word may mean will depend on the culture that thrives on it—like the use of English in the United Kingdom

Needless to say, the language that students use in writing their essays will greatly affect the impact it can bring upon its readers. Not all words from different languages have the same meanings, and not all effective and powerful words in one language are as powerful in another. You can see where the dilemma lies amongst international students who still have to learn about the UK English language. They must not only learn, in a faster rate, how to write an essay that is academic and deeply focused to the topic give but also write it in a language that works best for their professors and other readers. UK essay writing companies can easily guide these students in writing their essays in a more effective language by providing examples and references these students can use.

Here are some words and expressions that have a different meaning in the British English language:

  • Advert – British English term for advertisement or commercial
  • Barrister – a lawyer that specialises in split professions; one who is qualified to give legal advice and argue a case in both the higher and lower law courts
  • Building Society – British English term for a loaning institution
  • Candidature – British English term for candidacy
  • Carrier Rocket – term used for launch vehicle; rockets that place satellites in orbit
  • Chartered Accountant – term used for a Certified Public Accountant
  • Compulsory Purchase – British term for the state’s absolute power of eminent domain
  • Council House – term used to refer to the unit created by socialised housing projects
  • Curriculum Vitae – CV for initials; British term to refer to the resume
  • Estate Agent – British term that refers to a realtor
  • Headmaster/Headmistress – refers to the person who heads and administers the overall affairs of an educational institution; most commonly called as a principal
  • Legacy Accounts – terms that refers to the funds left in an annual national budget of the government
  • Lodger – British term for tenant
  • Registry Office – official government institution where births, marriages and deaths are recorded and registered
  • Solicitor – a lawyer that specialises in advocacy or conducting regular proceedings in court

The UK Essay Writing Scene 2: UK English

For those who are not commissioning custom essays from UK essay writing companies, they do not see the importance of having such service available for students. For this group of people, UK essay writing services only help students fool their way into a higher mark by using these essays as their own. There might be students who intentionally use these essays as their own projects, but the public must also know that even UK essay writing services do not support this act—they want to help students get a better mark by providing essays as their guides, not as a project they have not exerted effort in completing at all.

It is therefore important that people understand why these services are created for these international students. When these students enter a university, regardless of their previous educational orientation, it is expected that they perform well in school. However, most of these students do not know how to write their essays effectively in the structure that they are required. More importantly, they have no sufficient knowledge about the language that works best for their readers, especially on how UK English is different from American English. This also stresses the importance of commissioning from UK essay providers, and not from another offshore company.

There is a distinct difference in British English from American English in the following aspects:

  • Spelling. British English spell these words with –our (colour, favourite, savour) as compared to American English spelling (color, favorite, savor). UK English also spell meter and caliber as metre and calibre.
  • Directional suffixes. British English usually adds an –s to its directional suffixes (ward): towards, forwards, etc.
  • Contractions. Unlike American English, British English does not usually embrace the use of contractions as it does not support a formal tone. They spell out ‘do not’ for ‘don’t’, ‘I have’ for ‘I’ve’ and so on.
  • Prepositions. British English more often uses the prepositions ‘whilst’ and ‘amongst’ rather than ‘while’ and among.’
  • Abbreviations. British English does not add periods in their abbreviations. Ph.D., Mrs. and Mr., is written as PhD, Mrs and Mr.
  • Multiple-word adjectives. Unless the word causes confusion of meaning, multiple-word adjectives are usually not connected with hyphens in British English.

The UK Essay Writing Scene 1: UK Educational System

It is important for students to understand the curriculum of the university they have chosen to apply for admission. Since the courses taken are purely based on the students’ choice, it is also imperative that their chosen university will have a curriculum and a set of principles that can further help them in their learning process. However, most students choose a university because of its reputation and the proven opportunities it can offer to its prospect students. And since most of these students study for a certain need—either for a higher academic level or a higher income—they usually disregard what the school’s grading system and curriculum is and just choose what they believe can help them get closer to their need.

That is why majority of the international students studying in the UK find it hard to cope with a curriculum that they are not quite used to. They especially struggle in their essay writing tasks that they resort to ask for help from UK essay writing services to help them in their coursework. Their tasks, however, can still come as an ease for them if they are properly oriented with the distinct features the UK educational system has. If these students will know, first-hand, what the UK educational system emphasises and what it values more, they can easily set the direction of their essay writing assignments to those values and goals.

Unlike the US educational system, where it advocates for a well-rounded, broader focus of education, the UK educational system is more focused on specialisation. The UK educational system does not support enforced learning of information from other subjects so students only choose subjects that can help them prepare for their undergraduate level. If the students plan to proceed to an undergraduate level, they have to take up GCSE and A-Level courses. Students have to make sure that the subjects they have chosen to specialise in these courses will qualify them for a higher degree since universities have also strict admission requirements.

Since the UK educational system is more focused and specialised, their coursework assignments also demand deeper understanding of the topic at hand. Essay writing assignments are research-oriented and fact-based. Referencing is also a must. These elements of an academic essay can easily frustrate international students who are more used to writing literary and opinion-oriented essays.

With UK essay writing services, however, frustrations like these are easily mended. UK essay writing services do not only help students write an essay guide that can give them a higher mark; they also give professional assistance to students who have a harder time coping with the UK educational divide by providing essay marking and critiquing services. This helps point out the weaknesses that the students have on their essays so they can improve them.

Essay Writing – It’s the same for everyone!

All schools and universities in the UK – be it the more popularly known universities such as the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, or other universities such as the University of London or Durham University – it is all the same. All students, at some point in their stay in the university, will be required to write an essay and hand it in as part of his or her coursework requirements.

All courses offered within these universities – be it centred on the sciences or the arts – will require some form of written compositions from their students. The most common are the essays required of students ranging from the undergraduate levels to those studying for Masters or Doctorate degrees. Most of these courses, even those that are practise-based such as Photography, will also require the completion of a dissertation from the students looking to get a degree in that specific field.

There is not a lot that separates Oxbridge essays from any other essays required of students all over the UK. An essay is an essay, no matter what school a student is enrolled in or what course he or she is taking. An essay is a short piece of writing that is, in the context of a coursework assignment, usually written to answer or discuss a question or statement posted by the professor in relation to a topic within the subject area being dealt with.

Essays are used to evaluate a student’s knowledge on the topic and also to further improve on his understanding of the subject. These short written pieces make up for a significant part of a student’s grade and should be written with utmost care. There are some who may breeze through such assignments and there are others who may find the task challenging. It all depends on the student, his skills, and his determination to finish the task at hand.

Students who find essay writing a bit difficult need not worry too much. Successfully writing an essay comes with practice and time. There is no specific formula for writing an essay. What works for one student may not work for others. Students should, however, try to establish their own style or approach to writing to make tackling such assignments easier.