Important Tips in Writing Politics Essays

are among the most interesting topics to write because of its all-encompassing characteristic. Politics can be found in every facet of human life – in the family, at work, and everywhere else where there is the tiniest hint of human struggle. In addition, politics has been around since thousands of years. For the student, finding an interesting topic for a politics essay should be fairly easy. Following the basic structure of writing politics essays will make your academic task easier, including a more positive outcome for your politics essay.
For what purpose will you be writing?
First, determine the purpose of your politics essay. Generally, politics essays are given to you as an exercise to measure your comprehension on political theories and concepts. Thus, rewriting and paraphrasing simply will not work. Your assignment is designed for you to interpret the greatest political theories of all time, and not just discuss them. Thus, be prepared to analyse the given problem and be able to support them with appropriate theories and valid empirical data to give backbone to your paper.
Make your arguments compelling
Your politics essays should have the appropriate treatment of the basic facts you are trying to interpret and give opinion on. Your arguments must be your own interpretation of what the politics essay question wants to find out. To do this, choose the most suitable political theory and political figure in history with a sound reputation for giving political discourses. This enables you to concretise your arguments by supporting them with both theories and facts.
Sustain your thesis throughout your paper
Begin the politics essay with a thesis that addresses a conceptual argument. From then on, be well organised and consistent in taking a stance and then mobilise references to make a convincing thesis.
Overall, the interpretation of political theories (recommended reading is “Rationalism in Politics and other Essays” by Michael Oakeshott), your own arguments, and supporting facts constitute good politics essays.

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Finding the Right Topic

Finding the Right Topic

One of the hardest things that students encounter when writing essays is finding the right topic. With so many potential topics worthy of thorough discussion, a student like you can easily get confused right from the start, or if you finally decide on a topic, you might get stuck in the middle of writing because you realised you picked the wrong topic. Either way, you’re struck with a dilemma. This is an instance where help with may be needed, which in turn is one of the reasons for the proliferation of online .

Essay writing help is all the more needed in UK essay writing due to the in-depth research and analysis needed after you have decided on a good topic. But of course, it is still needed in all sorts of writing due to the growing list of topics that students need to write about these days. The good thing is that students can now get help in writing essays including the selection of the right topic that will justify the writing of the essay in the first place. Some may think that writing an organised and well-researched essay is enough, but the topic can make or break an essay. The writing may be impeccable but what good is it if the topic of the essay is irrelevant?

There are a lot of help with essay writing available on the Internet and in libraries that can help students solve this problem. You just have to look carefully around for the right kind of essay writing help to ensure that the objective of your essay is well discussed, that is, you are able to present a thorough analysis of a consequential topic that would impress the intended audience. In fine, finding the right topic for your essay will make the entire writing process easier because of the distinct direction that your topic ably provides.

The Relevance of Referencing in an Essay

In research, there are two processes that students must absolutely consider:
• Looking for useful information to be included in the essay
• Recording the source of the information included in the essay

The second process is what most students identify as , which is a very significant factor in the assessment of their essays. It has served a lot of purposes. Firstly, it ultimately prevents students from committing plagiarism by giving proper credit to the sources.

It makes the more credible to the eyes of its readers. An essay with thorough referencing also reflects thorough researching. This means that the professors can see that the essay has been thoroughly researched first—with different forms of sources as support—before it is completed and submitted. With referencing, other readers can also easily trace the location of the following sources the writers have used in their essays. This will be very helpful for other students who want to conduct their own studies to explore other angles not yet covered through the essay.

There are several standard referencing formats that students can employ when referencing. With this in mind, there are students who are left to their own devices in choosing the referencing formats that they believe will work best for the type of essay that they have. There are other cases, however, where the professors decide what referencing format students must use for a specific essay.

Some of the most widely used referencing formats are the following:
• APA (American Psychological Association) format
• Vancouver style
• Chicago style
• Harvard referencing format
• Oxford referencing format
• MLA (Modern Language Association of America) referencing style
• BMJ (British Medical Journal) style.

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Guide to Writing College Essays

Guide to Writing College Essays

Welcome to college! The next four years is going to be a rough and enjoyable ride as you establish the foundations of your would-be career. Along with that are the volumes of paper works required in almost all courses in all levels, including . College essays are asked of you with the intent of measuring your understanding of key concepts on a given subject.

College essays come with different purposes. If you are a college freshman, you have probably undergone a rigorous admissions process and had written , also called college application essays, for your chosen university. However, a college admission essay or college application essay is just one aspect to it. Expect to write a number of college essays in each level and subject. Below are proven college essay tips you can apply in your current college essay.

Structural Format

When , be mindful of the format. Convincing essays are well-organised in thought to avoid confusing your readers. Upon finding interesting college essay topics, do your homework immediately. A college essay should begin with an essay question, a thesis, arguments, and supporting facts, theories, principles, and concepts. The body of your essay will consist of your arguments. It’s also here where you will present all supporting data that explain the personal insights arrived at.

The writing of college essays, in general, may be time-consuming tasks, but producing a compelling college essay is definitely achievable. The Internet provides a great number of college essay examples you can refer to. However, remind yourself that sample college essays are to be used only as reference to see how they look like. Plagiarism is a major issue in writing college essays so if you must use make sure that the copies undergo college essay editing.

More helpful tips on writing essays will be posted in this blog so it would be best for you to check back often.

The Bibliography and the Referencing List

, particularly students, reference their work according to the referencing format their professors have assigned them with. While referencing, generally, is an act that must be exercised in all the essays the students have written, what sources are included and listed in the essay will depend on what the referencing format is. Since correct referencing is a very vital part that contributes to the overall grade of a student’s , students must take considerable precaution on the quality, verifiability and credibility of the references that they make. They have to remember that aside from preventing plagiarism, referencing must also assist readers from easily locating the sources they have used in case they wish to explore the topic further.

Generally, all information from the following must be referenced:
• Published or unpublished printed materials
• Published or unpublished electronic materials
• Journals and dissertations
• Multimedia materials
• Transcripts from the television, radio and films
• Interviews, surveys and questionnaires

What students will include in their references, however, will depend on the referencing format they are required to use. There are two kinds of references: a referencing list and a bibliography. A referencing list includes all the materials the students have only included in their essays as citations. A bibliography, on the other hand, lists all the materials the students have used, included or not, in the conduct of their research.

The reference formats that mostly call for a t include the APA (American Psychological Association) and the Vancouver styles. The MLA (Modern Language Association) and the Chicago styles mostly require a bibliography.

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Writing an essay through Comparison and Contrasts

Writing an Essay through Comparison and Contrast

The essays that you write can come from different tones and techniques, depending on what is required by your professors. It is always stressed that you must first determine what essay is sought to be written, through the instruction words given by your professor. From time to time, you may encounter through comparisons and contrasts.

In writing comparisons and contrasts through your essay, it is essential that you remember the following points:

• Present the similarities between two bodies of thought
• Point out the differences between these concepts

Writing a comparison and contrast essay can be complex, and this is one of the reasons why your professors may assign you with this . You have to be able to provide valuable reasons as to why the similarities and differences you have presented are valid. You must be able to properly break down concepts into its basic elements to see what makes them similar or different. By aptly providing significant proof to your own analyses, you have proven that you are capable of mastering this skill, which is a vital factor in determining your progress as a student.

There are a few things you have to go through, though, before you can say that your comparison and contrast essay is good enough to be passed. Make sure that your ideas are presented clearly. Make sure that your readers have also seen the similarities and differences you have presented through your writing. If your essay contains confusing thoughts, your readers will eventually lose interest. Nobody wants to read anything they still have to analyse. Also make sure that the comparisons and contrasts you have presented are logical. All analogies must be valid and not superficial—it will only result as a false analogy. If you commit errors in logic, your reader might not take your essay seriously. Also avoid the use of overgeneralisations and faulty assumptions. Do not make broad assumptions unless you have sufficient data to support them.

The construction of your essay sentences will also matter when writing comparisons and contrasts. The more parallel your sentences, the clearer the similarities and contrasts between the concepts. You can start with writing all differences or similarities, or write each similarity or difference alternately, depending on the impact you wish to create.

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